Things I wish I was doing full time
I live a very busy professional and personal life. This is where I daydream away.

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Sure and Toong Ngen (money bag) on Flickr.
A place for mediation on Flickr.
Just in Time for the Show on Flickr.
Velvet Night on Flickr.
Maple Bokeh on Flickr.
Night Falls In the Heat on Flickr.
Diminished View on Flickr.
The Morning Has Broken on Flickr.
Fire Path to Heaven on Flickr.I wanna blaze my way up! 
Love this time of the year. Cooling down in Bangkok means reasonably (as opposed to insanely) bright days, great for exposure :)
City Clouds VI on Flickr.Bangkok sky is usually covered with smog. The sky is always overcast. Once in a while, usually as a depression approaching, the sky would be so clear and blue. The clouds would be so white and drifting in huge fleets. Like this day.